Have you received a letter from your insurer letting you know your weekly payments under your Workers’ Compensation Benefits are likely to be cut off?

If you have, please don’t ignore it.

From this year thousands of workers will have their weekly payments stopped as they have reached the cap of 260 weeks of payments. Only badly injured workers will be able to keep receiving weekly payments.

If you are an existing recipient of weekly payments, you must act on the notice received from the insurer.

We can help you find out more – information such as whether you have a Medical Assessment Certificate and how your degree of permanent impairment has been assessed.

We can help get a determination of whether you meet the injury threshold to continue to receive weekly payments where you have not already had an assessment.

If you have been assessed and you disagree with the insurer’s decision regarding the threshold of your injury or the assessment of your injury, we can help you dispute the insurer’s decision or the medical assessment made by the insurer’s doctor.

Legal funding is available to help you review the decision of the insurer to possibly continue to receive weekly payments.

Please don’t ignore the letter and contact Bay Legal to help you through these changes in the law. We can help you better understand your rights and entitlement.

Please call us on 9344 0682 to make an appointment.

You can also find out more by contacting WIRO or just watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPpFqJOLk_Q